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Dear visitor,

This website is dedicated to all my Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese friends and students who have attended my classes in the past or who are still following my lectures today, while staying in Holland. My friends and students have always inspired me and gave me the motivation to develop and refine my painting techniques to perfection. I am grateful for their loyalty and comitment that they have shown to me in their ambition to master their skills in decorative painting.

I am therefore presenting you an overview of the work that I have made in the past few years and I hope that this will be a source of inspiration for my dear former and present students.


Many of you will have returned to Japan, Taiwan and Korea. "I hope all is well with you!" It is especially to you, that the work presented here, is dedicated.

I hope that the viewer will enjoy and appreciate this "Freestyle" in decorative painting, shown here on this website.

With kind regards,

Emmy Stokvis ( Holland) emmystokvis@planet.nl

PS. You can use the photographes, only for personal use, thank you.

Copyrights: Decorative Fine Art Studio 'Jonathan' (Leo Spaans)

Decorative Fine Art Studio 'Jonathan'